Novacon 50


What's On At Novacon

Friday Night Fun

Getting everybody warmed up for a great weekend we start with a Novacon tradition - Desert Island Books.

Which will be followed by the Friday party. In which books will be launched, drinks are imbibed and fans talk nonsense.

Serious Saturday and Sunday

Start with science talks. On Saturday we look at the possibility of colonising the ocean’s surface and on Sunday we look at the hoops that need to be jumped through to become an astronaut.

Guests of Honour

As always with Novacon we interview our Guest of Honour. In this case, all three of our Guests, separately of course.

We have managed to fit in four panel discussions about utopia, competent adults in SF and F, the seemingly inexorable move towards electronic life and our panellist’s thoughts on whether we are aiming for apocalypse or Tomorrowland.

In addition Caroline Mullan remembers James White, Novacon’s first Guest of Honour and Chris Priest and Chris Baker discuss transferring story from print to film.

Audio Visual Entertainment

We have the honour of being able to show The Stooge, a short film based on a Chris Priest story followed by ‘The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Novacon’, a Sorensen Show.

Novacon Goes Off-Piste

We also have a small off-piste programme. This includes a writer’s workshop, run by Miles Nelson, an artist discusses the importance of music when creating, Elsewhen launch a lot of books, Bernadine Evaristo interviews David Shannon, and there is a live Octothorpe podcast.

On Saturday evening there will be a Build Your Own Utopia workshop and the Morgans will host a poetry open mic.

Even More Fun

Oh, and there will be celebrations of Novacon’s longevity on both Friday and Saturday nights.